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How do I access my ControlByWeb™ module from the Internet?

Accessing a ControlByWeb module from the Internet is a fairly simple concept, but it is highly dependent on your internet router (or modem/gateway) and your Internet Service Provider … More

Are ControlByWeb modules compatible with wireless?

Yes, all ControlByWeb Ethernet products are compatible with wireless networks, although they will require additional hardware such as an wireless Ethernet bridge … More

Can I view multiple ControlByWeb products in one location/webpage?

There are several options available to view inputs and monitor/control relays of several different units in one location. The options will briefly be explained below … More

How do I perform a reset to factory defaults?

If you have forgotten the password or the IP address assigned to any ControlByWeb product, the device may be reset back to factory defaults. All settings will be reset … More


How do I set up email?

Many ControlByWeb devices support email notification. It will require the use of an outgoing email server (SMTP server). Most Internet providers have an outgoing email server available … More

My email isn’t working, any troubleshooting advice?

For email troubleshooting, there are a few things you can try. First, try to send a test email by entering the following XML command into the browser … More


My temp sensor occasionally shows x.x, 185F, or 85C. Any suggestions?

ControlByWeb devices are compatible with any one-wire (DS18B20) digital temperature sensor. These include the X-DTS-U, X-DTS-S3C, and X-DTS-S32C sensors. These sensors … More

 Power Supplies

Which power supply should I use?

We offer products with several different power supply options: Industrial products that have a part number that ends with an “-I” These products require a DC power supply within … More

Why don’t you include a power supply with your products?

Quick Answer: Most of our products are sold as components which are typically used as part of a larger monitoring or control system. Rather than using separate power supplies for each component in the system, it is usually cleaner and more convenient to use a single power supply to power multiple devices in the system. For this reason, we sell our power supplies separately. Example: If you install one WebRelay™ and two Five Input Modules™ right next to each other, rather than having three power supplies, you can use a single power supply to power all three units which offers a nicer, more compact installation.


What are scripts? Do I need to use them?

Several ControlByWeb products have the ability to run scripts. Scripts are a set of instructions similar to a small program. Scripts can be used for advanced … More


Is there a way to backup the settings on my device, or duplicate them across many devices?

All of our ControlByWeb products have a method of backing up the settings and events. A free utility may be downloaded … More