The X-17s™ expansion module is used in conjunction with the X-600M controller. The X-17s is a multi-function module with four relays and four optically-isolated digital inputs. One or more X-17s expansion modules can be connected to an X-600M controller with a ribbon cable which provides both power and communications.

The four relays have Form-A contacts (SPST) and can be used to control moderate loads such as solenoid valves, alarms and indicator lights.

Four isolated relays (SPST)
Relay Functions:
Four optically-isolated digital inputs (common negative)
Input Functions:
On/Off Status
Pulse Count
Pulse Duration
Accumulated Pulse Time
Powered through expansion bus – no separate power supply connections are required
Eight LEDs for inputs and outputs
Removable terminal connector
CE listed RoHS compliant Made in the USA

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